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Coldtainer is a commercial-grade, portable isothermal container designed for the transport of food, medicines, biological substances and chemicals that require the perfect temperature be maintained from point A to point B. This professional, flexible storage solution is easy to load, easy to clean, low in energy consumption and offers the best production quality and value for money in the market.

Coldtainer is a registered trademark of Euroengel, an Italian-based company that has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions in 12V portable refrigerators since 1993 – becoming a global reference point for the sector. Their unique know-how with rotational molding technology guarantees performance and durability even in the presence of constant vibrations.

Specifically designed to stand up to years of commercial use, Coldtainer’s flexible and dynamic functionality surpasses the competition. With the ability to move units quickly from vehicle to vehicle or from vehicle to brick and mortar locations, you can avoid the downtime that occurs when company vehicles end up in the shop.

Coldtainers are double-walled with rounded corners (and without joints) allowing for HACCP-level cleaning. They are light and resistant, and provide the perfect thermal insulation thanks to the combination of its food-grade and UV resistant polyethylene walls and polyurethane foam insulation. And regardless of outside environmental conditions, they maintain an ambient temperature range from -20°C up to +50°C (with reduced specifications). So load them, stack them, transport them and change the way you do business.

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When you succeed, we succeed.

As one of Canada’s largest independent transport companies, we have been marketing temperature control products for more than 35 years. We know better than anyone that a positive change in operations can result in happier customers, lower spend, higher ROI and loyal employees. You can be sure that our depth of experience is what strengthens our confidence in the partnerships and products we choose. We are proud to be a Canadian distributor of Coldtainer because we know that its innovative technology will change the business of our customers, giving them an advantage in a competitive landscape.

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Because Coldtainer units are built to last, you will want to maximize how you use them. Coldtainer accessories have been specifically designed to support Coldtainer units. Ask us about:

Protection Covers
Tie Downs
Handle Locks
Fixing Kit and Bases
A/C Power and Connectivity


Many Coldtainer models are ATP (ECE / TRANS / 271) approved (believe this is EU specific)
Models from T0082 have been tested and classified as IR (reinforced insulation)

Front opening models are International ATP Homologation in FRAX or FRCX class – version specific.
It is possible to request the issue of the ATP international certificate by the Italian Ministry of Transport (the Italian ATP authority) for the individual Coldtainer. The certificate has a duration of 6 years, renewable.

Certified as ISO 9001:2008 for the “design and construction of mobile refrigerators for the transport of perishable goods and air conditioning systems for industrial and recreational vehicles”

Coldtainer units have been tested to Canadian standards, meeting CSA approval. (Can we confirm this?)

In compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation 852/2004, Annex I, Chapter IV, art. 1 and 7 (HACCP) (This seems to be a reference from European Commission provisions. Can we find Canadian equivalent?)

Transport of medicinal and/or biological products
Are not classifiable as “Medical devices” in their own and therefore are not subject to the specific norms and directives (Feels like it might be appropriate for Canada. Please confirm. Also please confirm the statement “in their own”. Should it be “in their own right”?)