Many Coldtainer models are ATP (ECE / TRANS / 271) approved. All front-opening models are ATP certificated as FRAX or FRCX class, depending on the version.
Models from T0082 have been tested and classified as IR (reinforced insulation).

It is possible to request the issue of the ATP international certificate by the Italian Ministry of Transport (the Italian ATP authority) for the individual Coldtainer. The certificate has a duration of 6 years, renewable.

Euroengel srl is a company certified ISO 9001:2008 for the “Design and construction of mobile refrigerators for the transport of perishable goods and air conditioning systems for industrial and recreational vehicles. They are also
certified as suitable by the Italian Ministry of Transport (National ATP Authority) for the production of isothermal and refrigerated containers according to the ATP regulations.

AC/DC power supplies with 100-240Vac 50-60Hz input voltage are available as accessories, with CE, UL, CSA certifications.

Coldtainer containers are designed and manufactured for use in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation 852/2004, Annex I, Chapter IV, art. 1 and 7 (HACCP).

Transport of medicinal and/or biological products
Coldtainer units can be used for the transport of pharmaceutical and/or biological products, but are not classifiable as “Medical devices” on their own and therefore are not subject to the specific norms and directives.