Front opening upright cargo models to be mainly used by logistic providers. Sturdy and resistant to a harsh daily use. Digital display, HACCP/ Bluetooth interface available as an accessory.

Models Available:

Versions include:

  • NDN down to +0°C for the transport of refrigerated products
  • NDH from +30°C down to +0°C with the cooling/heating system for the transport of pharmaceuticals or biological products in every ambient condition.

Large front-opening cargo units are a great choice for daily use by logistic operators.


Coldtainers are produced by rotational molding as a polyethylene single body and are resistant to impact and vibration, even after years of use.

Each isothermal unit is structured as a single body without joints and thermal bridges. The insulation is made of thick polyurethane foam.

It requires 12V (some models also 24V) power supply from battery. All models can be powered via the power grid (110-240Vac) with specific power supplies available as accessories.

The technology and materials used allow cost savings on traditional solutions, with lower power consumption and reduced environmental impact.

Coldtainers do not require preparation or transformation of a vehicle. They are easy to load/unload, and stack, for flexible and reversible vehicle use.

The polyethylene containers are suitable for contact with food and do not have internal joints or edges which makes cleaning easy and in line with the HACCP regulations against contamination risks.

The power supply via power grid allows the goods to be stored in the refrigerated containers inside storage rooms before being loaded onto the vehicle. It allows the pre-cooling of the container before use and the possible storage of goods on board during vehicle stops in the warehouse.

The operating data can be displayed on a smartphone and, if necessary, exported in graphic form through the optional EVlink module with Bluetooth interface.