In business, anything can happen: restaurants undergo renovations; catering companies work off-the-grid venues; wholesalers and food delivery companies navigate operational challenges with fleets, power outages, and storage that leave the integrity of their commodities at risk.

Coldtainer supports a proactive approach to temperature management throughout the food distribution process, preserving the integrity of food items and reducing the likelihood of food-borne illnesses.

Whether you are transporting fresh fruit, dairy, seafood, frozen food or hot food, we’ve got the Coldtainer model that will ensure it arrives at the proper temperature, and intact – making it the obvious choice for today’s discerning consumer.

  • NDN Models – for the transport of refrigerated products
  • FDN Models – for the transport of frozen foods
  • XFDN Models – for the special transport required at -30 degrees C.
  • HmL Models – for the transport of hot foods

Many Coldtainer models are ATP approved, in the FRAX or FRCX class.

HmL: a new way to transport hot food

The next solution in food transportation – Our Hot Meal Line (HmL) of containers are deigned with the catering and food service industry in mind. Our containers help you keep your pre-cooked food out of the “danger zone” while preserving taste and quality.

Available in 140L and 330L versions.
Discover our HmL Line.