Coldtainer offers exceptional quality and performance for transportation dealers and manufacturers as well as commercial retailers looking to support their supply chain business. By presenting customers with the option of a refrigerated transport service on board their standard vehicle (and without the need for investment in special vehicles and infrastructure), you become a valuable partner in their business.

Companies seeing great benefits from Coldtainer include:

  • Transport Temperature Control Equipment Dealers
  • Van, Truck, Utility/Transport Trailer Manufacturers
  • Transport Fleet Providers
  • Motor Vehicle and Utility Truck/Trailer Rental Companies
  • Commercial Retailers

Coldtainer models of the Logistics series having floor dimensions compatible with the industry standards (EUR/UK/US pallets), are mainly designed for medium to long distance point-to-point transport.

*The future availability of specific AuO versions with autonomous operation up to 72 hours will add further flexibility to the Coldtainer proposal for logistics.