Coldtainer offers exceptional quality and performance for transportation dealers and manufacturers as well as commercial retailers looking to support their supply chain business. By presenting customers with the option of a refrigerated transport service on board their standard vehicle (and without the need for investment in special vehicles and infrastructure), you become a valuable partner in their business.

Temperature controlled transport is a necessity in order to prevent unnecessary loss of quality during the distribution of perishable products. This includes pharmaceutical products, food products or laboratory samples. Temperature controlled transport is part of the overall cold chain in which products are stored and transported under the right and controlled conditions. Temperature control is of great importance throughout the entire logistical process and Coldtainer is a leader in providing Temperature controlled containers to transport companies in Canada.

Companies seeing great benefits from Coldtainer include:

  • Transport Temperature Control Equipment Dealers
  • Van, Truck, Utility/Transport Trailer Manufacturers
  • Transport Fleet Providers
  • Motor Vehicle and Utility Truck/Trailer Rental Companies
  • Commercial Retailers

Coldtainer models of the Logistics series having floor dimensions compatible with the industry standards (EUR/UK/US pallets), are mainly designed for medium to long distance point-to-point transport.

*The future availability of specific AuO versions with autonomous operation up to 72 hours will add further flexibility to the Coldtainer proposal for logistics.


Let us help identify the portable temperature-sensitive storage possibilities for your business.