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Refrigerated van or freezer van conversions are time-consuming and expensive. With their ease-of-use and lower operating costs, Coldtainer storage containers are perfect for mobile or van delivery operations. By eliminating the need for expensive refrigeration units and liners, Coldtainer allows businesses to get all the benefits from having exact temperature control without any of the hassles and additional costs.

Eco-Friendly Means Lower Operating Costs

Coldtainer units are capable of running directly from your 12-volt vehicle engine/ battery, on a dedicated battery, or via a 110 V AC wall outlet, all as either a primary source of power, or as a backup. Simply plug the container into a wall outlet, and you are all set. The new Coldtainer AuO models even contain their own batteries removing the need for vehicle or external power. These are perfect for electric delivery vehicles or vans.No matter your business, no matter the circumstances, with Coldtainer you can rest assured your cargo will remain at the optimal temperature until it arrives at its destination.



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Almost any dry box cargo van, box van or box truck can be converted to become a refrigerated delivery vehicle however there are significant costs associated with the conversion and maintenance of the vehicle. Coldtainer however is designed to be compatible and work with a variety of dry box and refrigerated box such as commercial fleet vans, trucks and electric vehicles as well as non-commercial vehicles like passenger cars and SUV’s.

The cost of converting a delivery vehicle with refrigeration depends primary on the make, model and size of the van and the intended application. Using a ‘single temperature solution’ with an mid-tier direct drive transport refrigeration unit (including evaporator, controllers etc.) plus the vehicle box liner (including the roof, walls, doors and durable floor treatment), the cost can be anywhere between $12,000-$20,000. All the components related to the box liner makes up approximately half of the total amount. Adding shelving, locking and anchoring devices is additional to the costs.

Refrigerated van conversions come in 4 types depending on the intended use: Insulated van conversion: for transporting non-perishable goods; Chiller van conversion (with liner and roof mounted refrigeration unit) for temperatures between 0°C and -8°C; Semi-freezer van conversion uses thicker wall installation and a reefer unit that that can maintain temperatures down to -15°C; Full-freezer van conversion that utilizes the thickest van liners on sides, roof, doors and floors and a reefer unit that can pull-down temperatures to -20ºC and even -29ºC if required.

Depending on the type of transport refrigeration requirement, refrigerated vans can support a range of temperatures between 0°C to -15°C and even -29°C for full freezer vans. Coldtainer’s refrigerated transport containers offer a similar commercial ambient temperature range of -20°C up to +85°C (with reduced specifications). Specific Coldtainer models also offer XFDN versions that maintain temperatures down to -30°C.

Depending on the selected cooling unit, refrigerated van conversions can support multiple temperature zones using insulated bulkheads, divider walls and air chutes. These costs are additional to the cost of the van conversion (reefer unit plus the liner). Coldtainers offer an immediate multi-temperature, multi-zone delivery solution because these portable units can be combined and stacked in a single vehicle to offer a range of temperatures and access points. Customers can view the full range of Coldtainer products for further options.


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